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Having your fifth birthday is a big deal . . . so send more than a card with this wonderful picture book that is suitable to post. 

Numbear and his pet bird are the main characters who, along with other unique animals and sea creatures, bring these creative, colourful books to life. With 28 pages full of fun facts and quirky information, they help every child to be even more excited about their birthday by getting them reading and involved in this story, discovering everything that’s awesome about their new age.

Did you know that by their fifth birthday, a child has spent nearly three years asleep and the moon has gone around the Earth 65 times? Or that five is ‘cinco’ in Spanish? What about that a shrimp has five pairs of legs?

Just like a card, there’s a dedicated space inside to write a personal message, and each WOW! birthday gift book comes with a decorated envelope so that it can be easily posted as a standard letter. It will stand proudly as a birthday card, and then sit neatly on a bookshelf to be shared time and time again. Family and friends will all enjoy reading this magical little book with the child.

WOW! You’re Five will show a child that you care and let them know that their birthday matters.

Also available in the: WOW! You’re One, WOW! You’re Two, WOW! You’re Three, WOW! You’re Four and WOW! You’re Six.

Just to let you know that due to the nature of these products, we don’t include a printed invoice or delivery note.

Made with paper & love, from you to me.

Why we love it

This is such a great idea. It combines a birthday card and a book which will be kept, not only preventing waste, but also allowing the child to reread this keepsake over and over again. The facts are fun and informative, and the illustrations are gorgeous.

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