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Introducing the My Forest Friends Tap Tap Construction set from Tooky Toy, featuring a charming muted color palette to complement its woodland theme. This classic Tap Tap construction set offers endless creative possibilities for young builders. With everything needed to hammer out unique designs and patterns, this set sparks imagination and encourages hands-on exploration.

Just like the timeless Tap Tap toys of yesteryears, this set is a fantastic tool for developing hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and fostering imaginative play. Children can unleash their creativity as they work in sequence to follow instructions or create their own masterpieces. Each set comes complete with pattern cards featuring designs to replicate, guiding little hands through the process.

To bring their creations to life, children simply select the correct colored shape, thread the nail through the designated hole, and gently tap it into the board, securing the wooden piece in place. Whether following provided patterns or crafting original designs, the possibilities are endless with this engaging set.

The My Forest Friends Tap Tap Construction set includes 30 wooden pieces ranging from 3 to 5cm in length, along with 40 nails, 10 pattern cards, 1 hammer, and a 21 x 21cm board. Crafted from timber, cork, and metal, each piece is meticulously finished to the highest quality standards. Parents can rest assured knowing that this toy is painted with child-safe, non-toxic paint, ensuring safe and enjoyable playtime for all. Unleash creativity and construction skills with this delightful Tap Tap set from Tooky Toy.

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