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Introducing the thrilling Formula Racing Puzzle Playmat by Tooky Toy - the perfect blend of fun and education! 

This exciting set includes a beautifully designed racing track, complete with twists, turns, and challenges that will keep young minds engaged for hours. The colorful racing drivers are ready to take their positions, bringing the track to life with their vibrant personalities. 

As the race unfolds, kids can explore the concept of competition, strategy, and sportsmanship, all while having a blast. The winning positions stand adds an extra layer of excitement as they cheer on their favorite drivers. 

And what's a race without a trophy? The Racing Game by Tooky Toy comes with a trophy to award the champion, promoting a sense of accomplishment and pride in young racers.

Safety is a top priority, as this set is made with non-toxic materials, ensuring a worry-free playtime. 

Watch as your child's imagination takes the wheel and races towards endless adventures with Tooky Toy's Formula Racing Puzzle Playmat – where the finish line is just the beginning of the fun!

Recommended ages 3+

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