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The Magnetic Travel Play Box - Farm by Tooky Toy is a portable and entertaining playset that transports young adventurers to the enchanting world of the farm. Inside this compact box, children will find six delightful designs of farm animals, a charming farm barn, a friendly farmer, a farming truck, and even an apple tree laden with apples.

Each design is thoughtfully divided into four to five magnetic puzzle pieces, allowing kids to easily assemble their own farmyard scenes. The true magic of this set lies in the magnetic stickers that effortlessly adhere to the included magnetic board. This feature makes creating and rearranging the farm scenes a breeze, providing hours of imaginative play.

As budding farmers, children can cultivate their creativity and fine motor skills while exploring the joys of farm life. Whether it's arranging the animals in the barn, taking the farming truck for a spin, or harvesting apples from the tree, this playset encourages interactive learning and storytelling.

The Magnetic Travel Play Box - Farm by Tooky Toy is not just a source of entertainment; it's an educational tool that introduces children to farm animals, farming activities, and the world of rural adventures, all while fostering problem-solving skills and imaginative play. This portable farmyard is perfect for on-the-go fun and learning.

Recommended ages 3+

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