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The Magnetic Box - Dinosaur by Tooky Toy is an engaging and imaginative playset that takes young explorers on a prehistoric adventure. Inside this captivating box, children will discover a collection of 10 unique dinosaur designs, one volcano design, and an adorable pair of dinosaurs in eggs. 

Each of these designs is ingeniously divided into four to five magnetic puzzle pieces that easily join together. The magic of this set lies in the magnetic stickers that effortlessly adhere to the accompanying magnetic board, allowing kids to assemble their own dinosaur masterpieces with ease.

As young paleontologists, children can let their creativity run wild, piecing together these magnetic dinosaur puzzles and crafting their own ancient scenes. The tactile and interactive nature of this toy fosters problem-solving skills and fine motor development while sparking imaginative play.

The Magnetic Box - Dinosaur by Tooky Toy is not only a delightful educational toy but also a source of endless fun. It encourages exploration, creativity, and learning, making it a perfect addition to any young dinosaur enthusiast's playtime repertoire.

Recommended ages 3+

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